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Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Do you struggle with controlling your drinking?

Do you have a family member who worries about your drug use?

Although you might feel doomed to repeat your same patterns with substances, there is a way out.

If you’re tired of your vicious cycle with a substance and feel powerless to escape it, you’re not alone and there is treatment for addiction. Addiction problems can include getting in trouble at work or getting a legal charge (like a DUI or a possession charge). You may have already tried going to rehab or treatment before and it didn’t last.

It’s normal to struggle with the idea of reaching out for help with an addiction as substance use is highly stigmatized. We fear being judged even by a counselor or therapist we go to for help. Sometimes we’ve even had a negative experience with being honest with a doctor and felt shamed for disclosing our problems with substances.

Substance use is rooted in emotional issues. Often, people who struggle with an addiction are trying to deal with a traumatic experience (like childhood abuse or emotional neglect). At it’s core, it’s an issue of emotional regulation and difficulty being with our difficult feelings. Sometimes we use substances to feel better or to be able to socialize without anxiety. Or we may just feel incapable of coping with life on life’s terms and use a substance to manage anxiety or depression.

Successful treatment of addiction must address not only our behavioral tendency to drink or use drugs but also our issues with our emotions. We must learn to understand our feelings without judgment and practice staying present with feelings that we have previously avoided because we deemed them too dangerous or uncomfortable.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction. We work to understand who you are as an individual and help you create a plan for recovery that’s as unique as you are.

Don’t let self-consciousness prevent you from connecting and getting the help you deserve. We are here to help you look at your patterns without judging how you got here. We know that there are reasons substance use develops and we want to help you move forward into the life that you’ve imagined.

You deserve a life free of addiction.