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Women’s Issues Screening

Online screenings are a self-assessment tool only.  Results are for personal use and are not saved.

If you are concerned about an issue you think you may have, contact us to schedule an in-depth screening.


1. Do you have Premenstrual dysphoric disorder?
2. Do you have endometriosis or adenomyosis?
3. Do you have PCOS?
4. Do you struggle with infertility?
5. Have you lost a pregnancy?
6. Do you have your “rainbow baby” but can’t shake your former loss?
7. Have you experienced the loss of an infant?
8. Do you think you think you have or been diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression or Anxiety?
9. Have you experienced birth trauma? (Your birth experience wasn’t the beautiful thing you were yearning for but created trauma, fear, and a sense of dread?)