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Counseling for Anxiety

There is hope. Anxiety is treatable.

Anxiety can come in many forms and look different depending on individuals and their life contexts. Anxiety can present like fears of leaving your house or feeling the need to count things or repetitively check things, such as  checking to make sure the oven or curling iron is off.

Anxiety can also be worrying all the time about various aspects of life or just a general sensation that “something bad is going to happen”. Oftentimes, anxiety can look like irritability in an individual — feeling really edgy and easily frustrated, being curt with family, friends, or coworkers. Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep is another commonly reported symptom from individuals suffering from anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety may be originating from a specific event or something more difficult to identify. Regardless of it’s origin, anxiety may be reduced by engaging in counseling.

Anxiety can respond well to a combination of outpatient treatment (counseling) and medication. One very effective treatment for anxiety disorders is EMDR.

Understanding how our thoughts and emotions work together to trigger an anxiety response is important in treatment. We will help you identify your anxiety producing thought and then work to help you heal from past trauma or work through the anxiety-producing thoughts so that you can return to “normal” and the anxiety symptoms no longer interfere significantly with your life.

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