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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Introducing Our Intensive Outpatient Program

Dealing with substance use, mental health issues, or trauma is a difficult journey. We hope that our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can work with you or your teen to create a sense of empowerment in your life and provide some useful ways to deal with stressful situations. Because we understand the impact of trauma, we work with you to regulate your nervous system, understand your triggers and reactions, and learn how to manage them so that you are able to use the strategies you learn.

We want to help you focus on deep healing at the root of the problem. We want to see you heal, grow, and feel at ease in your body and in your relationships.

Each of our IOPs (adolescent as well as adult), focus on providing participants with access to EMDR, somatic awareness, mindfulness, and education regarding how our brains and our bodies work. We are here to help you understand that your reactions make sense and help you learn to how to befriend yourself so that you can find deep healing.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our IOP

What is an intensive outpatient program?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (also called IOP) is an intensive form of outpatient treatment (meaning that a client attends the program while they live and work at home). It is regular, consistent group meetings with a treatment professional offered several times a week. For adolescents, it is at least six hours of treatment per week and, for adults, it is at least 9 hours of treatment per week.


Is IOP a Good Option for Me or My Child?

An IOP is a good “step down” for an individual who was recently hospitalized or for a person who needs more intensive treatment than a weekly counseling session but who does not meet hospitalization criteria. IOP can also be a step down from an inpatient rehabilitation program for a substance use disorder or incarceration (or juvenile detention).


Why an IOP?

Sometimes people need an “in between” level of care that is not as intense as hospitalization but is more intense than a weekly counseling session. Our program provides certificates of completion for our clients.


Where is the IOP?

Our program is 6 weeks in length and meets via telehealth. This provides an opportunity for people to attend even if there are transportation issues or they live in a different county. We are currently offering telehealth IOP only to individuals in the state of Idaho as this is where our providers are licensed. So, in order to participate in our IOP, individuals must be physically located in the state of Idaho at the time of the service.


What Does Your IOP Include?

Our IOP focuses on addressing substance use through a trauma-focused lens. This means that we focus heavily on understanding the “why” of substance use. We strive to help individuals increase their awareness of what is triggering their substance use as well as understanding their nervous system arousal response. Individuals need to know that trying to quiet their nervous system is normal and healthy but substance use can create other problems.


What are the Ages Served?

Our adolescent IOP services teens 13 to 17 and those individuals who are 18 and older may attend our adult IOP.


What Do Our IOP Groups Include?

Our IOP groups focus on identifying triggers to using substances or engaging in other unhealthy or problematic behaviors. Our group members are taught how to identify when their nervous systems are “safe”, “alert”, or “unsafe” and then are guided in ways to regulate their nervous systems. They are also taught how to recognize relationship patterns and dynamics that can trigger an “unsafe” response leading to behavioral patterns that can be unhealthy (e.g., drug use, other risky behaviors, unhealthy friendships, etc.).

We want our group members to understand the following:

  • Healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Nervous system responses
  • How to regulate their nervous systems
  • How to engage in mindfulness exercises that reduce anxiety and stress
  • Managing body responses that can lead to relapse
  • Mind/body awareness


What is the cost to attend IOP?

We charge $250 per day and our IOP runs 5 days per week.


Does my insurance cover IOP?

We are in-network with Idaho Medicaid. For all other insurers, we are considered out-of-network. We are able to provide you with a “superbill” that you can provide to your insurance company.